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Auditions for all 6 one acts will be held on Saturday December 3rd, 11:00am-3:00pm and Sunday December 4th, 5:00pm-8:00pm

**Until further notice, we require all actors to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and to wear masks during auditions and rehearsals.**


Saturday December 3rd, 11:00am-3:00pm

Sunday December 4th, 5:00-8:00pm


1616 Del Paso Blvd

Sacramento, CA 95815

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6 original plays submitted by playwrights from all over the world!

Rehearsals: December 5th -Jan 13th, rehearsal space will be shared between all One-Act crews based on cast/crew availability

Tech week: January 14th-19th

Performances: January 20th-February 5th Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm and Sundays at 2 pm; Shows rotates weekly; each show performs once a week.

Award Ceremony February 11th at 11 am for all participants and audience members

Until further notice, we require all actors to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and to wear masks during auditions and rehearsals.


Nap Time

by Robin Cantwell, London UK


Directed by Atim Udoffia

**Bring your best British/London accent for this one!**

SYNOPSIS: When Damla returns home to find an intruder sleeping in her bed, alarm bells start ringing. But when she learns more about her eccentric new house guest and his luckless story, an unexpected connection develops… Set against the backdrop of the UK’s cost of living crisis, NAP TIME is a comedy-drama about trust, understanding, dealing with social stigma and how appearances aren’t always what they seem. 

DAMLA — Late 20’s – 40s, female

A wealthy lawyer who’s at first scared of Peter’s presence in her apartment, but slowly starts to trust him as they get to know each other better. Faces the dilemma of whether to side with her cynical husband and turn Peter in, or follow her compassionate instincts and give Peter a second chance. 

PETER — 30s – 50s, male

A homeless man who was once on the same path as Damla, but fell upon hard times and lost everything. Damaged by a bad break-up with his former boyfriend, and is hoping to make amends. 

CLIVE — 30s – 50s, male

Damla’s pedantic and cynical husband. Deeply apprehensive about Peter and shows little sympathy for his predicament. Insecure about the bond Damla and Peter have begun to form. 

Good Morning Miriam

by Jacquelyn Priskorn, Troy MI


Directed by Chloe Broznan


SYNOPSIS: Miriam holds the key to her memories. It’s just getting harder to keep track of it, what with the battle she has every day with her own daughter…and her own mind. The same morning for Miriam is repeated as a “bad day” and a “good day” with her memory. It’s easy to forget, but it’s harder when you know how much you’ve forgotten.

MIRIAM – a woman appearing to be in her 20s-30s

ARI – a man in his 20s-30s

AUDREY – a woman in her 30s-40s

OLDER MIRIAM – a woman in her 60s-80s

A Safe Place

by Mike Byham, Southlake, TX


SYNOPSIS: Dan awakens to a new reality where he has been chosen to restart the human race – by an entity wishing to learn how to love.

DAN – Man in his forties.

DAX/CINDY – Woman in her forties.

Holy Inappropriate

by Allison Fradkin, Chicago IL


Directed by Jackie Martin*


SYNOPSIS: Here’s the story of a lovely lady who is bringing up three very lovely girls…in the Christian Patriarchy Movement. All of them have been controlled, like their mother, by their heavenly father. Mother’s little helpers know very well that their mission in life is submission, and that womanhood is synonymous with motherhood. Now that all three are officially members of the premarital sex, it’s time for Mom to teach them about the birds and the believers. But what happens when she discovers that the disciples at her disposal are neither disposable Nor…dispassionate?

MARY JO – the mother a godly woman delightfully devoted to her family and her faith, Mary Jo is the epitome of bonhomie; however, she is starting to feel the effects of sexual repression and is beginning to experience misgivings about her conservative convictions and limiting lifestyle

DAMARIS – the youngest daughter bored with the Lord, Damaris possesses character traits that are incongruous with her upbringing: verbosity and curiosity; she’s certain there’s more to life than caretaking and baby-making and resists her family’s insistence on infants and infantilization

TAMAR – the middle daughter the genuinely genial and innocently inquisitive Tamar acts as placater and peacemaker; taking her cues from both her younger and older sisters, she is at once ambivalent and ambiguous, as well as effortlessly humorous

LOIS – the eldest daughter ignorantly blissful and impishly imperious, Lois’s indoctrination into her family’s belief system is so successful, she can run purity rings around any and every fundamentalist female in existence; she can’t wait to create a family—and an army—for God


by Thomas Dean* and Philomena Block, Sacramento CA

Directed by Thomas Dean*


SYNOPSIS: Susan Bradfield may not look like your average superhero, and that’s exactly the problem. Now that she is a middle aged woman, she still regularly saves that day but never gets the credit for her work as a superhero. That’s until she saves a young female journalist, Alex Smith, who is determined to share Susan’s story. At the same time all the way across New City, Eugene Glazer the Lazer is causing havoc with his henchperson Enormica to create a tool to make people young again, including his former nemesis Susan “Solace Bright” Bradfield. And Susan and Alex are the only ones who can stop him. Susan fights with sexism, ageism, and even baby arms in this action-and-pun-packed superhero comedy.

ALEX – A young ambitious journalist sent by the New City Tribune to get eye-witness reports of an incident.

GUY – (also plays Red Flag, V.O. Post office worker, Police officer) A stoner idiot type who loves superheroes. Likely an incel.

SUSAN/“Solace Bright” – A former professional super-hero, jaded from the industry, now middle aged she has an Etsy shop and does some super-heroics when it suits her.

ENORMICA – (also plays Boss, Licker Ice) A hench-person to Eugene with the power to grow 50 ft tall. Somewhat childish, she bucks all authority, even Eugene’s.

EUGENE: A mad scientist villain, arch nemesis of Solace Bright. He wants to use his ray gun to become young again and restore his nemesis to her glory days.

Red Flag – (played by same actor as GUY) Superhero/ the epitome of the swaggering male ego.

BOSS – (played by same actor as ENORMICA) The Editor in Chief of the New City Tribune, a #bossbabe and busy business woman.

POST OFFICE WORKER – (played by same actor as GUY) An exhausted Post Office worker, just trying to make it to lunch time.

LICKER ICE – (played by same actor as ENORMICA) An evil villain who talks with a lot of poison ice-cold spit.

POLICE OFFICER – (played by same actor as GUY) A mid rank police office for the New City Police Dept. He likes donuts almost as much as talking down to people.

The Donation

by Jake Lewis, Marlborough MA


Peter Donohue learns of a special service where his late wife can be returned to him, but first, he must make an appropriate donation. Peter will confront what he’s capable of, as well as some truths about his marriage best left uncovered. This is the first play in the Commercium series.

DIVER – Woman, secretary to Mr, Cook

MR. Cook – Mysterious provider of services

PETER – Man who has recently suffered loss

MIKE – A friend of Peters who has also suffered loss


*denotes Big Idea Company member

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