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Auditions will be held on January 1st and 2nd, 10am – 2pm


by Anthony D’Juan

Directed by Vernon Lewis

Officer James “Jay” Shultz has shot an unarmed Black man and the City is in an outrage. While isolated he is paid a visit from his best friend who seeks the truth, which potentially leaves their friendship in peril.

Jay is later paid a visit by a spin doctor who also seeks the truth of what happened. Then proceeds to reshape HOW it happened.

OFFICER JAMES “JAY” SHULTZ – 30s, white, ten plus years on the force

TODD KELLY – 30s, black, not a police officer, Jay’s best friend

ALYCE JORDAN – 40, black, a fixer


by Lisa Quoresimo

Director Atim Udoffia

Assistant Director: Rick Grant-Coons

Charlie and Nell is, on the one hand, a light-hearted romp through Nell Gwynn’s bedroom as she entertains her lover, King Charles II. On the other, it is a gender-flipped exploration of power, role-playing, and upending societal expectations. Come and lose yourself in this story of two people who love each other more deeply than they are able to say with words.

CHARLES II, King of England and all that. Played by a female or non-binary identifying performer. Age Range 40-60, open ethnicity

NELL GWYN, 30, one of his mistresses, former orange-girl and actress. Played by a male or non-binary identifying performer. Age Range 21-35, open ethnicity.


by Ryan Gerberding

Directed by Ryan Gerberding

Based on a true story, Bellingshausen follows two men working at a Russian research station in Antarctica. As their friendship grows, so does their conflict of personalities.

SERGEY SAVITSKY – A 54-year-old (age can be flexible) electrical engineer, mostly keeps to himself.

OLEG BELOGUZOV – A 52-year-old (age can be flexible) welder, makes friends easily, always tries to live life to the fullest.


by Kevin Adamski

Directed by Jenny Adler

Five days after the death of his father, Aaron shirks his responsibilities by drinking and flirting. One night he comes home, phone missing, head hurting, and the urn carrying dad’s ashes is totally crooked up on that ledge. It just needs….minor adjusting. When things topple over, the living room becomes a whirlwind of laundry, pastries, new loves, and at least one bee.

Aaron: Male, 20s-30s. Confident, charismatic, gets away with things by relying on his charm. Meets guys at bars but doesn’t call them back. Nancy’s brother

Nancy: Female, 20s-30s. Clever, sharp, the one who does the most work on a group project, allergic/terrified of bees. Aaron’s sister

Bryan: Male, 20s-30s, Awkward, lonely, adorkable, It’s spelled with a Y but if you spell it with and I he won’t correct you, works with sea life.

Grace: Female, 60s-70s, Loving, Goofy, always carries gum, watches subtitled Korean soap operas. Aunt to Nancy and Aaron.


by Jaye Lee Vocque

Director Caylen Michels

Assistant Director: Maya Naumann

A beautiful day. A secluded beach. Two strangers. The end of the world approaching. What could go wrong? What could go right? This Dramedy explores what happens when a woman with stunted growth, and a free spirit go through the five stages of grief. Questioning faith, the future, and how much alcohol does it take to forget your worries?

WINDY: F/30s/40s (should be at least 10yrs+ older than Barbara Ann) Free spirited, here to help, knows much more than she lets on.

BARBARA ANN: F/20s/30s Sheltered, Buttoned up. Questioning everything but doesn’t know what questions to ask.

SKIPPY: M/Any Age. Fast talking, slow thinking. Basically comes with the beach.


by Thomas Dean

Director Chloë Broznan

We all know of the tragedy of Macbeth, as told by Shakespeare, but what of Banquo’s perspective? Banquo, tragically betrayed by his best bud, has a few issues with the perspective of the narrative and he wants you to know about them. This is the story of how Banquo was ghosted by his friends and peers.

BANQUO: (M, old enough to be a father) Loveable and lighthearted until he is angry; physically daunting. Banquo is a good friend who is unable to see that his friends are not good to him until it is too late.

MACBETH: (M, old enough that he could be a father) Ambitious, scheming, paranoid. Macbeth straddles the line between his bloody ambitions and being caught in fate’s trap.

LADY M: (F, old enough that she could be a mother) Ambitious, tired of ineffectual men. Lady M understands the circumstances she was born into, but see the potential for greatness, if only the man she chose could do better.

ROSS: (M, any age) Bumbling, unaware, coward. Ross believes himself to be much cleverer than he is. He has an extreme aversion to violence.

LENNOX: (F, any age) Smooth, intelligent, suspecting. Lennox is highly intelligent but feels no need to flaunt it. She reads people very well and thus is untrusting of the Macbeths.

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Auditions: January 1, 12-4 pm and January 2, 10-2 pm at 1616 Del Paso Blvd, Big Idea Theatre

Please be prepared to stay the whole time, auditions and callbacks will happen in the four-hour period.

Rehearsals: January 4 – February 3, 2022, *the space will be shared between all One-Act crews based on cast/crew availability

Performances: February 4 – 20, 2022 Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm and Sundays at 2 pm; Shows rotates weekly; each show performs once a week.

Award Ceremony February 26th at 11 am for all participants and audience members

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